quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Unity 4 - Final Report


Activity 1 - Compiling, refining and expanding the three annotated bibliographies
Description -  I have compiled, using the links, the three annotated bibliographies, in which I added a reflection, more data and some information that I highlighted with pink color.

Activity 2 - Compiling, refining and expanding the learning objects into a learning module:
Description - In the first learning object, related to cooperative freedom, I added more information about Cooperative Freedom. In the second, related to online teaching techniques, and in the third, related to transparency in online education, I added reflections.
In all cases, where changes were made, at the end of each post, I wrote a brief note informing about the changes made and the date on which it occurred.

Activity 3 - Writing a reflection paper discussing the impressions from the course and the learning outcome from our selected readings, the development of our learning objects and our participation in the discussion forums: (coming soon...)

Final note - I used a wiki to aggregate all the work developed during the course. It is available here: http://ppel2009.wikispaces.com/

(Image: I used wordle.net)

*Edited the February 28, 2010, to add the descriptions and final note.

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