segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

Activity 2 - producing a learning object related to online teaching techniques

Producing a learning object related to online teaching techniques, publishing it somewhere and introducing it in the discussion forum.

In his feedback about this learning object, Professor Morten asked me to do some reflections about the challenge is always to get others to contribute in a cooperative environments; on my experiences with the evolvement on this and some advice.
First of all I believe that the use of the wiki can be a good example of a tool cooperative. Using wiki tool allows the possibility of creating, within the same space, multiple pages, to develop cooperative work. And this learning object could have been used in this sense.
In the review that made my learning object, Eduarda Rondão suggested that I should invite other colleagues to discussion and build a learning object based on collaboration and cooperation.
In fact, I did that. In the Activity 3 - Review Forum of learning objects, on 8 December 2009, I accepted the challenge of Eduarda and I suggested that we could create a page for each of the techniques or joining them. So colleagues who were interested in participating could say there, in the Forum, or send me by mail. Then I would send the invitations. However, no one did. Maybe I should have asked even without knowing who would be interested.

During the Masters, several have been the circumstances in which we used the wiki to work. However, it has always been done in collaborative work, ie, in a situation where the various elements of a team worked together to build the same product. This could have been a situation where each one, independently, build several products that would be aggregated into the same medium, in a cooperative work.

* Edited the February 25, 2010, to add the reflections.

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